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Fee Structures

Should you decide to engage an attorney to represent you in a legal matter, all matters relating to fees will be discussed and mutually agreed before action on your case commences in order to avoid needless distractions to the progress of your case.

Criminal Cases

Criminal Cases are typically accepted on the basis of a pre-determined or flat fee. This means that all of the Attorney�s services will be included in a pre-determined fee, with the associated costs and expenses to be paid as incurred by the client. The flat fee will normally be established based upon the complexities of the case presented, the time and effort expected to complete the case or aspects of the case, the value of the Attorney�s particular skill or experience in dealing with that particular type of case as well as certain other factors.

Legal fees in criminal cases are usually payable in advance. However, Mr. McMillian will often work with client to pay in increments associated with the progression of the legal case. For example, prior to arrest or charge, up to and including a preliminary hearing, up to the point of indictment, through a jury trial, or to complete an appeal.

Injured Plaintiffs

Clients managing the estate of a decedent, parties personally injured physically or injured in some other way, may be eligible for representation of their case through a contingency fee. This means that the Attorney will collect a previously agreed upon percentage of the overall settlement or award from your case when, and only if, your case results in such a settlement or award. The contingency fee arrangement allows for plaintiffs to proceed to court with competent representation that may otherwise not be available to them. The associated fees and costs such as expert witnesses, investigators and other expenses remain the obligation of the client, although deducted from the settlement or award. The percentage fee is based upon the complexity of the case, the likelihood of recovery, the time and effort the case is likely to require, the skill and experience of the Attorney in the particular area of litigation concerned, as well as other factors. As an accommodation to client, the contingency fee structure may include progressive steps of increased percentages based upon the point of progression in the case at the time the case is resolved.

Hourly Rates

In some instances it is difficult to make a meaningful judgment regarding the time a case may require and the difficulties and complexities it may involve. In such cases it may be in the interest of both the client and the Attorney to agree upon an hourly rate, accompanied by a retainer. The retainer will typically cover the minimum period the Attorney expects to use in completing the legal tasks involved, to be refreshed as the retainer is exhausted. As always, resolve all questions regarding fees prior to the commencement of your case.