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Licenses and Jurisdictions

Mark McMillian is licensed and admitted to the practice of law before:

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

All Circuit Courts and lower courts throughout the State of West Virginia

Our Federal Courts - Admitted to practice in both the District Court in Southern District and the Northern District of West Virginia

In addition to being a United States citizen, Mr. McMillian is also a legal resident of the European Union, speaking National German as well as other German dialects.

Mr. McMillian maintains an ongoing relationship with the law offices of VanKell & VanKell in Gelsenkirchen, Germany,


Mark earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California, with subject honors and society membership. As part of this degree program, he also studied at the University of Vienna Law School in Vienna, Austria. He also engaged in clinical education as a bar certified intern with the Office of the Alternate Public Defender in San Diego, California.

Mr. McMillian also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from West Virginia State University.

Mr. McMillian also currently holds an adjuct faculty position with the Ruhr University, Law Faculty in Bochum, Germany, periodically lecturing on various topics, Ruhr University.

Other Qualifications

Mr. McMillian served 15 years as a police detective with the Sheriff's Department in Charleston, West Virginia, including Chief of the Detective Bureau.

He has completed an extensive range of specialized courses in the United States and Europe relating to criminal investigation, forensics and regularly served as an instructor at the West Virginia State Police Academy, of which he is also a graduate.

He also operated an investigative and forensic service in Charleston, West Virginia, and was employed for a number of years by Cagle Law Offices in Charleston.

Mr. McMillian formerly served as a representative to the West Virginia Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Corrections; served as president of the Deputy Sheriff's Association; and was appointed Honorary Police Commissioner of the City of Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Mr. McMillian is the former President of the Police Civil Service Commission in Dunbar, West Virginia.

Practice Areas

The concentration of Mr. McMillian's legal services are criminal and civil matters involving litigation or trial, particularly cases involving extensive forensic evidence.

His police, investigative and forensic background provide him with a unique perspective in those areas.

Mr. McMillian regularly assists clients in criminal defense matters in state and federal courts.

He also represents litigants in civil cases ranging from serious personal injury and other litigation issues.